Help Us Record Bat Brain's Debut!


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Thank you all so much for your support! We're ecstatic to be recording our first release and have set some goals and benchmarks to help us get going! Your contribution will help us book studio time, create album art, hire professional audio engineers and distribute our music worldwide!

Plus we've prepared some fun rewards for those who choose to donate—click here or scroll further down the page to see what we’ve got! 

Here's a look at our goals and benchmarks:

Help us to reach our $500 benchmark and we'll be able to professionally record and release our debut single!

Help us to reach our $1500 benchmark and we’ll be able to record a three-track mini EP and throw a release party!

Help us to reach our $2500 benchmark and we’ll be able to record a 5-song EP! Plus we'll have a release party!

Help us to reach our $5000 benchmark and we’ll be able to record a full album! And—you guessed it—a huge release party!


Hi, thanks for dropping by! If you're here you probably know a little about who we are, but in case you don't here's a little background!

Bat Brain started as a band that we put together to play some live shows. We started practicing together and it became evident very quickly that there was a good chemistry between us musically. We started writing more material and pretty soon we had a handful of our own songs that we were playing at every show. 

The music just seemed to come naturally for us, and we were really enjoying getting to play our own music in front of audiences. People seemed to really vibe with what we were doing too—so much so that we started getting requests for our original songs by name at shows!

Pretty soon we started playing more and more live shows and were really excited to see people coming out to listen to the music and support the band. Seeing people's enthusiasm for the music has been incredibly rewarding, and we do our best to bring energy level up for every audience we play for.

Now that we've had time to work out our original material and experience playing it live, we're ready to get into the studio and start recording! Through this campaign we'll be able to record with top-level producers, mixing engineers and distributors to get our music out to streaming platforms, record stores, and wherever you get your music!

And for an added element of fun, we're including rewards at every donation level for anyone that helps support us in recording the music! For an extensive list of rewards, scroll down and check it out! 

All of the rewards are things that are very personal to the band and things that we're really excited to share with you—and regardless of the level you donate at, the rewards stack, so you'll get the rewards for your donation level plus everything below it!

We're so excited to share this music with the world and are so grateful for anyone who chooses to help us achieve our vision!

Thank you all, we can't wait to share this music with you!

- Bat Brain


For those who choose to donate we have some pretty fun rewards that we think you'll love! These rewards are available based on the donation level and include the following:



We’ve also partnered with The Artist And The Studio—an artist label that specializes in recording debut releases—to help us record the album. 

The label will be featuring the band in both it’s podcast and its magazine, as well as capturing behind the scenes video of the recording process for its docuseries The Making of a Debut Record, so stay tuned or follow them on Instagram @theartistandthestudio or subscribe to their channel at to see more from the Band!


In order to help us record the music, we'll be working with Andrew Jose, a seasoned record producer and the founder of The Artist And The Studio.

Andrew has worked with a variety of bands and artists spanning a wide spectrum of genres, and in addition to his career as a producer has done everything from writing music for an internationally touring musical, to documentary scoring to garnering over a million streams as both a music producer and as an artist. 

Andrew will be in the studio with us as we bring our music to life, and will be helping us to make sure that the music is recorded at the top quality possible and that it achieves the vision we have for the songs that we've worked so hard on.